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About Us



  I was born in British Columbia.   I can't imagine living in another province, and I have lived in many towns around this province, but I have to say the people of Kamloops are so incredibly kind and they create this beautiful community that really makes me feel like this is home. 

Most of my adult life I have worked in customer service, at grocery stores or in food service.  My jobs have lead me into a supervisor role or management a few times even when I wasn't looking for it.  I have always enjoyed working with people and providing exceptional service. 

In 2004 I had earned a Diploma and began a career in Professional Photography but then had children and tried to work around childcare schedules but didn't return to photography.

I was newly separated when a pandemic began.  For the first time in decades I was forced to stay home from my job, with my 3 sons and learn to homeschool them. We were fortunate to have enough financial support but I knew that I needed a career change.  I needed to know my career would help us to thrive, not just survive.  In my new life as a single mom, it seemed that a return to photography would be the most suitable option for employment.

But I was afraid to try.  I was afraid to make the wrong decision and fail. 

It was then that I met James, my mentor, and I experienced a coaching session.   He helped me to work through and overcome some of my fear of finality. 

The session was mostly hypnotic, to work with my subconscious and by the end, I felt such intense joy and even excitement.  That one session gave me the courage to return to professional photography.  However, I decided that I didn't have the same love for the photography business as I used to. 

I had experienced something magical from that coaching session and I knew I wanted to learn how to help people overcome their obstacles the same way.   I enrolled in a coaching program right away.   I learned to recreate the techniques he had used to help me. 

As a mother, daughter, sister, wife and ex-wife, I believe I understand the complexity of relationships and how important it is to maintain a healthy and respectful relationship with the people we love. I am passionate about authentic connections and creative solutions to family and relationship issues.  I believe in peacefully co-parenting and maintaining a healthy relationships with your ex-partner and understand how to effectively communicate your needs. I am here to help you realize and realign your relationships.

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