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Why Speed Dating is the New Way to Date

Because I didn't have enough to do as a hockey mom of 3 boys, I recently started hosting in-person speed dating events. Clearly this makes finding time to write a blog a little more challenge but I will do better friends!!

Anywho, the way I see it, the world of online dating has become this grungy old bar. If you can imagine walking into an old school, barely lit, smelly bar. The waitress is dressed like a stripper, and as you walk in the patrons are glaring, through a thick layer of cigarette smoke as if they are starving wolves and you are a piece of t-bone steak. It's a pretty bleak image I know, but truthfully online dating will not only strip you of your self esteem, have you afraid to go out at night, it will also make you feel like there is no hope of ever finding love again. If you want a one night stand however, you can find that quite easily. In this pick me culture, the desire for validation and instant gratification is oozing out of smart phones everywhere after dark.

I believe this is where I should insert a shameless plug

"Come check out Kamloops Speed Dating on Facebook if you are tired of wasting endless hours chatting online only to never meet!"

In-person speed dating events offer several benefits for meeting the right person, and they provide a unique and structured way for individuals to connect. Here are some advantages of in-person speed dating:

Efficient use of time:

  • Speed dating events typically last for a couple hours, during which participants have the opportunity to meet a larger number of potential matches in a short period.

  • This format allows individuals to quickly assess chemistry and compatibility, saving time compared to prolonged online interactions.

Face-to-face interaction:

  • Meeting someone in person provides a more authentic and immediate connection than online communication.

  • Body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions play a crucial role in communication and can be better assessed in person, contributing to a more genuine understanding of each other.

Real-time chemistry:

  • It's easier to gauge physical attraction and chemistry when meeting in person. This can be crucial for determining compatibility and establishing a romantic connection.

Diverse pool of potential matches:

  • Speed dating events attract a diverse group of participants, increasing the chances of meeting someone who shares common interests or values.

  • The variety of backgrounds and personalities present at these events can offer a broader range of potential matches compared to more narrowly focused online platforms.

Structured format:

  • The structured format of speed dating events ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to interact with each participant.

  • The organized nature of the event helps alleviate some of the pressure associated with traditional dating, making it easier for people to approach potential matches.

Instant feedback:

  • Participants have the opportunity to express their interest after each mini-date.

  • This immediate feedback can help individuals identify mutual interest and determine whether they want to pursue a connection with someone they've met.

Safe environment:

  • In-person events are held in safe, public spaces, reducing concerns related to meeting strangers online.

  • Organizers attempt to ensure the well-being of participants, contributing to a comfortable and secure environment.

Opportunity for socializing:

  • Even if a romantic connection isn't established, participants can still enjoy socializing with new people and expanding their social circles.

  • Networking opportunities may arise, leading to new friendships or connections beyond the romantic aspect of the event.

While in-person speed dating may not guarantee finding the perfect match, it offers a dynamic and efficient way for individuals to meet potential partners and can be a valuable supplement to other forms of dating.

Besides all of this, it is an opportunity to get out and practice those dating skills with zero pressure!!

Here is the link, if you are interested, or share it with your friends

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